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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Oh So Heavenly Product Reviews - Hey Pretty South African Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Affordable and effective, the Oh So Heavenly brand is one everyone should try at least once in their lives. You would be hard-pressed to find another comparably affordable and vast product range that steadily delivers.

From bath oil's to hair care, skin care to scents, this brand targets any and every area of your standard beauty routine and necessities. Sweet to floral, luxurious to fruity, with the variety of flavors and scents available at your fingertips, there's a match for every personality type.

Oh So Heavenly Product Reviews - Hey Pretty South African Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

As the dryer month's approach, I'm already in pre-winter-prep mode to ensure both my lips and nails look nourished and cared for all season long.

The area around my nails are, unfortunately for me, a constant issue. A hangnail (dry skin around the nail area) is something I seem to easily develop if I don't routinely take precautions to prevent them. Anything that can dry out your skin, such as cold winter weather, harsh chemicals or frequent immersion in water can cause hangnails to develop. Although I can't really say that I do in fact submerge my hands into chemicals very often (since I'm not really one to do dishes very often), I do love to wash my hands almost constantly - so it's my belief that my incessant need to cleanse my hands with anti-bacterial hand soap is the main culprit for my thirsty nail beds.

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Oh So Heavenly Repair 'n Care Q 10/10 Age Defying Hand Cream - Around R24.95 - R26.95

A richly moisturizing hand cream containing both Vitamin E and the anti-oxidant Q10 to combat aging of the skin. I particularly love the fact that the scent of this hand cream is in no way overwhelming. I can apply it all day long without getting a whiff of any fruity or sweet smells every time I move my hands.

With no sticky or crumbly residue after application, this fast absorbing gem is the perfect beauty companion to pop into your handbag and use at any time of the day.

Hey Pretty South African Beauty Blog

Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm - R29.95

A near perfect dupe for the EOS lip balms;  Mint to Be & Strawberry Smooch are my two favorite flavors in this lip care range. They both smell (& taste) yummy. Considering the price and the quality of these eye-catching lip balms, they are definitely worth your time and money.

When just sticking your hand into your bag, their unique shape makes finding your lip balm so much easier than the regular shaped lip care products.

I honestly can not find any reason as to why any lip care obsessed person won't find these baby's perfect and well worth the bucks.

Creamy and nourishing, these are PERFECT for keeping your lips subtle and smooth all year long.

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Oh So Heavenly Perfect Pout Plumping Lip Gloss - R29.95

This buy was a bit of a disappointment for me. I found it neither comfortable to wear nor did it do any kind of plumping what-so-ever.

I thought this particular lipgloss was meant to be a grape flavor or scent, but it was neither. I'm not a fan of the smell or taste at all. And I don't think I would ever kiss anyone while wearing it (lol). I had hopes that it may redeem itself a bit by actually plumping up my lips a little, but either my lips are just so ridiculously thin that I will never see a change in the plumping of them or this actually does not plump lips at all - but after application and wearing it for a while, there was no noticeable change in the plumpness of my lips 😗

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From my experience, plumping lip products usually create a tingling sensation on the lips and you can almost feel it swell the lips a bit, but this product simply just sat on my lips making it feel heavy, funny tasting and sticky. I guess it would work in a pinch if you find yourself without any alternative and your lips are severely dry.

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Oh So Heavenly Hula Hands Hygiene Hand Wipes - R11.95

These surprised me. I'm a huge advocate for hand wipes. I have a pack in every bag, my car and almost every area of my house. There's no easier way for a chronic hand sanitizing freak, such as myself, to get clean hands when I can't get to actually washing them.

Overall, these are as good as any other option available in stores. What surprised me though was that on opening the packaging, the sweet smell could be a bit overwhelming for some and could actually put you off using them, because you will probably think (like I did) that the sweetness will be transferred to your hands and it could end up being just a bit to potent. However, the smell of the wipes did not transfer as hectically as I had initially believed it would. Nor was it by any means a sticky wipe. After use, all I was left with was clean scented hands that also felt cleansed and by no means was there any sticky residue left behind.

I ended up being impressed far more by these hand wipes than any other product I tried out for this review. Perhaps it's because hand wipes are a staple for me and I have used just about every brand available in South African stores - so I guess I just expected them to either perform exactly the same as my usual choice or better. I can say that as a whole, I think they may be better. I like that they have a sweet scent. I love that that particular scent (although nice in theory, not so much in practice) does not transfer as strongly onto the hands. And I really love that they don't create a stickiness after use.

An affordable and practical purchase for any hand / wet wipe connoisseur.

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Oh So Heavenly Lucky In Love Flirtatious Body Spray - R17.95

Not a huge hit for me - But purely because it was a bit too intoxicatingly sweet for my taste. I ended up giving it to my younger sister since she's notorious for flaunting sweet smelling sprays and she loves it. With a lingering scent it's a fun alternative to add a bit of head turning perfumed spray in a hurry or on the go.

I don't doubt this particular body spray from Oh So Heavenly will be a huge success amongst the younger crowed. I am keen to find myself a more preferable version of this body spray to try out. I think it would be perfect in my gym bag.

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The Oh So Heavenly Range is exclusively available at all Clicks Stores.

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