About Me

Hey! My name's Laurynne Gouws [the person behind heypretty.co.za] and I live in the friendly, and sadly windy, city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I'm a freelance graphic designer who prefers to work when the sun goes down and the lights go on... so essentially, that leaves me with loads of daylight hours to be out and about. I'm married to the best guy in the world and I'm hoping we get to extend our little family pretty soon with the addition of a doggy. [fingers crossed]

I am your typical 30(ish) year old girl who loves the smell of freshly laundered clothes, has an unhealthy obsession to Woolies Pajama's, drinks way to much coffee (whatever!), loves to buy mismatched coffee mugs because you aren't living if you don't have options, I love red wine, romance novels, chick movies, breakfasts with my girl friends and maybe less typically, I love to be a blogger.

On Hey Pretty you will find news & updates on just about any product that can improve your quality of life, tried and tested product reviews, maybe a little bit of ranting (since I'm an easy sell, but hard to please). You'll definitely see some bargain buys since I live for the hunt, You'll find me sipping, eating and sampling treats while trotting around at our local outlets and events. Product comparisons, giveaways, steps I've found easy to use when applying cosmetics... and just about anything and everything pretty or that contributes to making your life prettier. If you're into a little DIY, I'll be sure to look after you as well since DIY'ing is also a little bit of a guilty pleasure for me too.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments by emailing me directly at hello[at]laurynnegouws.com.

Take care, live pretty and enjoy!

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